Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Outlaw of Our Dreams

January 29, 2015
   Found an old T-shirt design in my studio this morning. it had the germ of a good idea: an homage to Paul Andrew Hutton's famous Billy the Kid line: "...the outlaw of our dreams—forever free, forever young, forever riding." Took another pass at the image to try and capture him in the sky. Whipped this out before I came into work.

Daily Whip Out: "Billy the Kid, Forever Young, Forever Riding"

   And here is the original T-shirt we designed over at Tri Star back in the early nineties:

Tri Star T-shirt design. Needed to have Billy's name on it though

   Actually, both shirts need a good art director's touch. And that would be this dude:

Dan The Man Harshberger,  fixing my art for 45 years

   Another guy who helped me in many categories is this fellow Kingman boy and at the time, cub reporter (Charlie was actually the publisher of the Prescott Courier at the time, the youngest publisher in Arizona(:

Phoenix New Times, 1979: Left: Dewey Webb, Charlie Waters and Jana Bommersbach

   Speaking of people who helped me, here is a gentleman I helped lose an election. In 1974 I was the campaign manager for this rogue candidate:

Wonderful Russ appearing live on Decision '74 when there was an equal time clause in the media and wherever Jack Williams and his rival candidate appeared, they had to give equal time to my candidate. Great Big Wonderful received 800 votes and even more chuckles from Zonie hipsters. Oh, and they changed the law after that. So we made a difference in people's lives. Sort of.

"I will be blasting California off into the ocean so Arizona can have a seaport."
—Just one of the "wonderful" promises Wonderful Russ made in his run to be governor of Arizona