Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Walking Up And Down Sticky Falls

January 7, 2015
   We're packing this morning to leave for the long journey back to Arizona. Here's another peek at the trip: we journeyed up into the mountains east of Chiang Mai earlier this week to visit Sticky Falls, a striking waterfall that is made of limestone and, they tell me, it makes the falls very sticky to the feet and you can literally walk up, or down, the steep, watery cliff.

Tommy and I looking up the first leg of the falls, from the bottom

Pattarapan near the top of the first bench. You can see Tommy literally walking down the falls to help his old man. Ha.

Tomas surfing down the second shelf. Pattarapan is sitting in the warm water.

The Old Man crowing proudly after making it up the second leg. Unfortunately, I got my hat wet and refused to do the third leg and they had to carry me out.

   Half of that is true.

"Unfortunately, youth is wasted on the young."
—Old Vaquero Saying