Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Another Look at "The 66 Kid"

January 7, 2014
  Here's a great message I received today on our last full day in Thailand:

  Bob, I didn't realize when I ordered "The 66 Kid", that it would come directly from you. Thanks for signing it!

  I just finished reading through it for the 2nd time in a week.  I wasn't raised in AZ, but I was still in the back seat while we were "making time"!
  It wasn't Route 66, but highway 2 and 10 east to someplace called "North Dakota"...

  Your book made the memories come flooding back. Thank you for that!

  What a great read! And the artwork is fantastic!

  I have been through Kingman several times and often wondered, while driving on Andy Devine, what it was like in its heyday. I have a better idea now. I got more from the book than from the Route 66 Museum just off 40 and 93....

  I hope this finds you well and again, thanks for the memories!!!

—Lynn Lofthus, Auburn, Washington

  I also received another nice plug for the book from Ron Warnick:

A link to the PBS interview

  Tomorrow, we begin our marathon journey back to the desert. We fly to Bangkok at noon tomorrow, then to Seoul, Korea in the morning and on to LAX, and then one final hop from LA to Phoenix. Oh, and then an hour drive home to Cave Creek. Going to be a long one, but it has been worth it.

"When the road ends, keep going."