Monday, January 05, 2015

Lost In Thai Translation

January 5, 2015
   The Thais love English on their clothes. It's pretty flippin' amazing:

Thai unnofficial motto: If it's in English, it's on my chest.

The more obtuse, the better, the Thais say.

   London is hot as well:

How about Boy Kingman? Huh? What about THAT Thai Hipsters?

  There is even a local Zonie baseball team logo over here on a woman's chest:

Arizona Diamondbacks T-shirt spotted in Mae Phang

   But it isn't just Ts, the Thais love to name their businesses with English names and on signs with English names, but somtimes it gets a little warped in the translation:

The Greasy Nail & Spa (right next to the Gassy Bowl)

Well, Happy New Yewr to you too, Thais!

Mai Dang Automotive. Dang, I've got one of those too!

"Would a greasy nail by any other name smell so sweet?"
—Old Samurai Saying