Thursday, January 22, 2015

Half Finished Projects Done In Fevers of Enthusiasm

January 22, 2015
   Reading "Van Gogh, The Life" a massive biography of the Dutch mad man artist. On this assessment, I can totally relate: "He littered his career with half-finished completed projects undertaken in fevers of enthusiasm that always rejected half-measures."

Daily Whip Out: "A Half-finished Stagecoach Scene"

   So much promise, but hit the wall and chucked it.

Daily Whip Out: "Rusted Bones On The Great Sonoran Desert"

   Whatever. Couldn't apply this to any scene I was doing, so just left it at this stage. I often start off painting sessions by pushing paint around just to see where it goes. This is one of those experiments where it outstripped my talent. Ha. True.

Daily Whip Out: "Fire Ball From Hell"

   Fire effects are elusive and difficult to achieve. This is pretty strong, but I didn't apply it to anything.

Daily Whip Out: "Storm In The Sierras"

   Like this build up but never had the guts to finish it, yet.

Daily Whip Out: "Vermillion Cliffs"

   Nice mood, not sure how to finish it. And thus ends today's frustrating comparison to someone who I will never match. As crazy as he was, though, I admire his attitude toward painting:

"Go to Hell! Go away, you are standing in my light—to hell with anyone who wants to hinder me."
—Vincent Van Gogh