Friday, August 26, 2022

Christopher Creek Adventure

 August 26, 2022

   We took off on Tuesday afternoon to head up to Payson and on to Christopher Creek to cool off. And even though it was 110 degrees out on the Beeline Highway, I had to stop and take this photo of the Thunderheads building over the Mazatals. And, yes, that is Four Peaks in the distance.

Thunderheads Over Four Peaks

   Hit hard rain near Sycamore Canyon but it finally let up at Sunflower, then on up past Rye, and into the scrub oak and eventually pines outside of Payson. Temperature dropped to 68 degrees in the rain. After lunch at our fave BBQ joint, we motored on another 26 miles to this place.

   We rented a cabin right on the creek and unpacked in the rain.

   Cold and wet with thunder rolling across the high country pines. This is what a flatlander lives for.

Waiting Out The Rain

   For us, the daily thunderstorms were the special treat.

We sat and watched the rain with some delight.

   Came back today and stopped in Payson to visit with our old Cave Creek Compadre, Mad Coyote Joe, who, of course, turned us on to the best local Mexican Food.

   Of course, the thermometer went the other way coming down the hill, but we did encounter some outrageous shaggy thunderheads over the Mazatals.

Look at those vertical lungers, especially
the two at left. That's either Bigfoot or Barney.

   Here's my favorite part of the trip: the lounging.

Lounging On The Last Morning

"A true masterpiece does not tell everything."

—Albert Camus

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    Looks like an excellent place to escape the desert heat! I will have to visit also!


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