Wednesday, August 03, 2022

The Guacamuggie Thunderhead Season & Whole Lotta Quad

 August 3, 2022

   You know it's August on the great Sonoran Desert when we start getting the big Guacamuggy Thunderhead cloud buildup every afternoon.

Guacamuggy Thunderhead Number 1

Guacamuggy Thunderhead Number 2

   Still noodling concepts for the Phippen art show in November. Here is Dan's first pass:

   Good concept but that painting is not in the book or the show. Ha.

   Perhaps we go with the Whole Lotta Love angle:

Whole Lotta Quad

    Or, maybe this would make a nice centerpiece to advertise the show.

Daily Whip Out: "Adelita"

   Or, maybe we lead with a certain cowgirl I used to know:

Sage Advice From The Queen of Country Swing:

"Remember girls, unless he's wearing a diaper, you can't change him."

—Honkytonk Sue

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