Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Mazatal Rider Revisited And Art Objectives Writ Large

 August 17, 2022

      Instead of a glorious and relaxing day after a final deadline: here came the corrections! Spent a good part of the day, yesterday, correcting mistakes on the cover (the spine copy was wrong, John Fusco didn't direct Young Guns, he was the writer-producer). So, what did I do? Like the day before, I grabbed more half-finished art and finished it while waiting for the corrected proofs to come around again. 

Daily Reworked Whip Out: "Mazatal Rider"

Daily Reworked Whip Out:
"Sue Rides High"

   Met with Jeannette from the Phippen yesterday to talk about how to mount my ambitious cascading collage of The Real Western Women We Love.

   The goal is to mount the original scratchboards and paintings on a wall board that is 20' wide by 8' feet high. It is a complicated concept but I think we can pull it off.

"Art is whatever you can get away with."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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