Monday, January 01, 2024

A Fiery First Day And The Crafty Henri Matisse

 January 1, 2024

   Good morning Zonies. Looks like a hot year coming our way.

Uno Is Unimpressed With New Year

   Got to give a shoutout to one of the hardest working podcasters in the Old West world and that is

Mike Mayberry. Here is a conversation we had last year on. . .

The Secret to Doing My  Art

   You need to scroll down to May 1, 2022 for our interview. Keep clicking at the bottom of the page to get there.

   Speaking of art that doesn't know where it's going, had fun with this one this morning.

Daily Whip Out:

"Explosion On Highway 101"

   And I also had fun doing a prep sketch for an emerging new hero of mine.

Daily Whip Out:

"The Crafty Henry Matisse"

"Don't try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there is something in you, it will come out."

—Henri Matisse

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