Thursday, January 25, 2024

A Sneak Preview of The BBB Art Studio Yard Sale (for Your Eyes Only)

 January 25, 2024

  This is for readers of this blog only. Here is a sneak preview of some of the random items in the BBB Art Studio Yard Sale:

Heatwave Aerial 

   This is an aerial view of The Doper Roper leaving the Heatwave Cafe with Cornhead to go hunt up some evil hippie's on Crazycrack Mountain, circa 1973. I was a surveyor and draftsman in my earlier life and it shows in the hardcore-topo-reality of this line drawing that ran in the Razz Revue, Arizona's Other Humor Publication (The Arizona Republic being the other). This is part of a larger set of scenes (see, below) and it will be in the BBB Art Studio Yard Sale and it is the original and it's $250 with my signature.

The Doper Roper vs. The Car Kid

Eight BBB Custom Hats

    Eight BBB custom hats, some with super ornate one-of-a-kind hatbands, a few worse for wear, $100 each.

 A Shay Maxwell Custom-made Faro Table


"Thought I should mention I remember that board it had the high rim and it is '1 of 1' or I should say the only one and was one of my early boards. At the time I was trying to create a style with the high rim but decided to stick with traditional layouts. Anyway just thought I would mention it was nice to see the photo and I am honored to see it and the casekeeper."

—Shay Maxwell

Not sure I will sell this faro keepsake, but feel free to make a bid on it.

Email me at if you have any questions or want to put in a placeholder bid.

We are still working out details of how the actual yard sale will work (shipping, delivery, postage and handling, etc.), but wanted you to see a peek at what will be offered.

"Simplicity doesn't need to be greased."

—Billy Joe Shaver

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    Hey BBB, what size are your hats?


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