Saturday, January 20, 2024

The Zany History of The 66 Kids Including "Harpo" Harshberger

 January 20, 2024

    Walked outside at sunrise and said hello to the Anazazi Ancients hovering over the cave that Cave Creek was named for.

   I love what my friend and fellow historian Rod Timanus said about greeting them in the morning, "If it makes you feel good talking to them, they have answered."


Dan The Man "Harpo" Harshberger

The 66 Kids gang is expanding to include some stellar Mother Road authors and notables, including Jim Hinckley, Marshall Trimble, and Dan the Man Harshberger. When Stuart Rosebrook asked me if we could interview Dan on our podcast about growing up on Route 66 I told him Dan does not do talking gigs. This prompted Stuart to wonder if, perhaps, Dan might be the Harpo Marx of our group. When I told this to Dan, he sent me this.

"Harpo" Harshberger

Such a zany bastard, Dan The Man "Harpo" Harshberger is.

The Bridge Across Tom Mix Wash

I'm going to be doing several illustrations this weekend to try and capture the last seconds of Tom Mix on this planet.

The bridge over Tom Mix Wash

"Amazing that he died in a wash named after him."

—Craig Wilson

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