Saturday, January 27, 2024

Collectable Categories for The BBB Art Studio Yard Sale

 January 27, 2024

    Day two of the BBB Art Studio clean up. In case, you missed it, here was the highlight from yesterday:

Junkyard Dog Guards Artist's Crap In Garage 

   Speaking of which, I have decided to do a literal yard sale out of the garage, which, I guess technically will make it a Garage-Yard Sale. It will be by invitation only. If you want to come steal some of these precious items you need to prove to me you love the West and that you are not a troll or a meth head. You ready? Here's how:

   Tell me why you love the West. Send your comments—the shorter the better—to me at If I think you qualify and you are not a troll, I will send you my address and the date and time of the sale. Simple enough. See you at the Steal, I mean BBB Art Studio Yard-Garage Sale. Here's what you will find.

Category I: Review books and duplicates
   For the past 25 years we have received many books sent to True West magazine for review. Here is just a small sampling of those.

$10 each

Category II: Weird BBB Collectables
   I have collected odds and ends of weird historical items all my life. Here is a snapshot of some of them.

$25 each

   Yes, that is a working True West clock. Yes, that is an authentic Lone Ranger lunch box. Yes, that is a sealed Arizona Highways with Billy on the cover. And, yes, that is a Billy the Kid decanter.

Category III: Chicken Pot Pie Rough Cuts
   Includes many Daily Whip Outs and Zane Outs all unframed and ready to take home.

$50 each
   Yes,  that is Mae West with the big guns. Yes, that is a punk family with zaned-out hairdos. Yes, that is Hoot Gibson and yes, that is Nick Nolte from "Extreme Prejudice."

Category IV: Daily Whip Outs On Jesse James
   Lots of nice Jesse stuff. One note, however, the framed Bloody Bill at bottom, center is spoken for.

$250 each
   And, of course, you know I have just as many on Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Wild Bill & Custer.

Category V: Framed Big Suckers
   These are big paintings, posters and scratchboards framed and ready to hang. Images tomorrow.

"Ms. Kathy's not putting you in a home, is she?? If you need to run for the border, I got people. . ."

—Randie Lee O'Neal

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