Monday, January 22, 2024

On The Border With A Hoarder

 January 22, 2024

   In 1991, at the height of our success on the morning drive radio show—Jones & Boze—David K. and I each received a bonus of $20k (for landing in the top five morning shows in a very crowded market). I spent my windfall on building an addition onto my existing art studio which I had quickly outgrown since it was built in 1987. When it was finished I had a Studio Warming Party and all my artist friends came and a few brought gifts, one even created a Vin du Billy bottle of wine and a few made cards. I kept this one.

   Ed Mell's hand written note to me which I posted on my library wall for the past 30 years. Notice the "B" within the O. Even his notes are damned creative!

   So Kathy hired some painters to redo some corners that are rain damaged and peeling and to repaint the whole kit and kaboodle, so I spent the last two days taking everything off the walls and schlepping everything out to the garage. See anything you want?

   This was when I had it about half loaded out this morning and here it is at ten with the final load out.

Uno Is Not Impressed

   To him, it's the same crap, but in a different place.

Matt prepping the walls and ceiling

for painting

   Of course, I harbor the hope that my kids will want everything in the studio, but I think this classic New Yorker cartoon nails that illusion pretty well.

   As mentioned, one of my zany friends created a bottle of Billy the Kid wine complete with label for my Studio Warming. Here's my personal wine taster taking a crack at opening it.

Uno Uncorks A Nice Vin du Billy

Closeup on zany label

   Credit on the label goes to the Newman-Zimmerman foundation for Historical Accuracy in films.

   Like I said, I have some zany friends who have contributed many treasures to the BBB Studio Collection.

"There is a fine line between collecting and hoarding."

—Kathy Sue Radina

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