Sunday, January 28, 2024

Tom Mix, BBB & Anthony Hopkins: "We Did OK, Kid."

 January 28, 2024

   Scarfing up a piece of Arizona history one sale at a time. Here are the first buyers who showed up today for the BBB Art Studio Garage Sale. Note how clean the walls are in the background!

Dan The Man & Darlene
(head in the clouds these two)

   Here's the deal: You didn't miss the sale. I am still trying to figure out how to manage this so that my neighbors don't disown me ("That damn Triple B, there must have been a hundred cars in his driveway!") and the meth heads don't find out where I live. So The D's came out for lunch today at The Crying Coyote Cafe and we jammed on ideas on how to make this sale work and give everyone a fair chance to go home with good stuff.

   A quick nod to the folks who sent me proof they love the West. Here is a sampling:

"I'm a long time True West subscriber, living in Prescott. I would love to help you with your divestiture’s."

—Jim and Mary Ruch

[Subscribers have the right of way. Approved!]

"When I told my wife about the requirements for attendance at your yard sale she said, 'just tell him that I made you do the rifle sound in the canyon' and that will get you in."

—Ken and Robin Siverts

[Yes, back in the Jones & Boze Show radio days, we did a bit on the air about calling up and imitating a rifle being shot down a canyon with echo effects and Robin is correct. Ken is approved!]

"I'm a 5th generation Arizonian from Show Low with a 1,600+ volume library of Arizona history."

—Doc Daniels


   For starters the above people will come out  to take a gander and then, we'll have a big party for everyone at Crying Coyote on one of the upcoming Thursdays. Going to be a blow out party. Either way, if you want a crack at the Whip Outs you will get your turn.

Tom Mix Washed Up

   They said he was washed up and over the hill. He would show those Hollywood Yahoos. He had been down before and every time he bounced back, better than before—Big Time. 

Prescient? Boy Howdy

   He clipped along at eighty in his custom Cord, with his custom holster attached to the steering wheel and a siren to pass cars with a courtesy blast and then he triggered a swinging tail light that told the slow pokes he was coming back over into their lane.

   Up ahead he saw nothing but straight road to the horizon. He put the petal to the metal so he could get to Florence and see his ex-son-in-law about some livestock for his upcoming South America shows. His estimated speed was eighty miles per hour and he never even slowed down.

   Until it was too late. A metal suitcase did the rest.

Meanwhile. . .

   When Anthony Hopkins was 18, he had terrible grades and his parents were afraid he was going to be a failure. Anthony said he told them, "One day I will show you, both of you." He didn't mean it in a mean way, just a reassuring way. Within ten years Hopkins was understudying Laurence Olivier and two years after that Peter O'Toole was playing his father in the 1988 movie "The Lion In Winter." He later, of course played a pope and a serial killer among other great roles. He relates that in the 70s, "my parents came to New York to see me in a play, and when my father arrived, he burst into tears and said, 'How did you do that?'" And Hopkins says he replied, "I don't know."

Little Boze Billy

(photo taken at a photography studio

in Fairmont, Minnesota, 1954)

   That's a Lone Ranger rig I got for Christmas and the hat is a tad wonky with a wire rim (remember those?) but the shirt and pants are good because my mother was born in Lordsburg and grew up on a ranch near Rodeo, New Mexico.

Mamacita Bobbi Guess

"We did OK, Kid."

—Anthony Hopkins, confessing that he carries a photo of himself at age four which he often looks at and says this line to himself.

   Seems very affirming. I may start doing this myself (see my photo above), just as a reminder that it's all okay. I did what I could with what I had.

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