Friday, January 05, 2024

Look Who Loves You

 January 5, 2024

   I had a phone interview this morning and when I finished I came out of the studio and looked around and noticed Uno was nowhere to be seen and Kathy's car was gone so I called her to make sure our dog was with her. She answered and said, "Yes, we're both coming home with takeout from Sesame Inn and if you'll come out to the driveway you'll see us pulling in, and whoever has their head out the window, loves you.

   So I walked out and caught this scene.

Two Happy Heads Out The Window

   For my birthday I asked for things that will make me laugh, so Kathy got me a subscription to The Onion, which featured this funny tidbit today.

Grandpa and Grandma Have Same Haircut

   Very funny, but it seems a bit of a stretch and I'm not sure it's even true? Let's take a look closer to home.

Thirty Somethings

Seventy Somethings: Okay, maybe it is true

   No, make that definitely true. Also, check out the Day of The Dead Dude behind my left ear.

"I have a peculiar trust in the rightness of the actual."
—Cormac McCarthy

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  1. Just finished reading Larry McMurty A Life after reading your blog about the book. It was really an enjoyable read about an interesting character. While for me he has always been a hit and miss author, when he hit- he hit hard. What a testament to your own story to have been featured so prominently in his life story.


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