Saturday, January 13, 2024

Sunset Riders In Love

 January 13, 2024

   Here's a cold weather project for the weekend: explore Sunset Riders In Love.

Daily Whip Out:

"Sunset Riders: Bill & Zoe Ride On I"

   Got two more on the boards. Think I can make it better.

Predictions For A New Century

   Towards the middle of the Roaring Twenties (1924), a bunch of prognosticators made their best-guess-predictions about what life would be like in 2024. The results, as reported in USA Today, are often ridiculously wrong, scarily prescient and occasionally hilarious and sometimes all three. To wit:

"In the year 2024, the most important single thing which the cinema will have helped in a large way to accomplish will be that of eliminating from the face of the civilized world all armed conflict."

—D.W. Griffith, the director of "Birth of A Nation," who reasoned that because of motion pictures, "the true meaning of brotherhood of man will have been established throughout the world."

   A professor predicted "women will dress like men," and another, Frank L. Ferraro, said, "We will have a woman president, woman politicians and police, as women will occupy all  the highest positions." Frank goes on, "Then we will have an army entirely of women, so that in case of war, women will do all the fighting (believe me, they can fight, too)." 

   A parental guide columnist, Arthur Dean worried about our dietary habits. "Will we have any teeth at all. Will there be any color on our face except paint? Will the men have any height to speak of or will they be all girth?"

   Swedish architect Ben Bjorkson, predicted, "I see three-deck roads, speedways through the heart of town, skyscrapers with entrances for automobiles as high as 15 stories."

   And one wag predicted, "a radical today may be called a reactionary 100 years hence." But this one hits home, "It is a mistake to say that the people who live a hundred years from now will have nothing to laugh at. They can laugh at us."

   And, that totally came true. Meanwhile, the takeaway for us all is that in this world we have to remember, reality bats last.

"All truth is contextual, all ideals are instruments. The only thing that is real—i.e. real enough—is what you accomplish with will." 
—Jonah Goldberg

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