Monday, April 01, 2024

The Many Looks of Bass Reeves

 April 1, 2024

   When it comes to being overlooked and almost forgotten by history it's hard to top the intrepid lawman Bass Reeves. That's why we thought it was time to come clean.

   I wish this was some sort of April's Fool joke, but it is not. 
Our editor, Stuart Rosebrook, did a deep dive in the archives to find out when and where Bass starts showing up in True West. You will marvel, as I did, just how recent his rise to prominence came about. We are featuring this incredible story in the next issue, which goes to press in a week. Hope you are a subscriber so you can read it sooner than anyone else.

The Many Looks of Bass Reeves

Bass Relief
  By all accounts Bass Reeves showed different looks throughout his long career, even posing as a farmer to hoodwink outlaws. And whether he rode white, gray or sorrel horses he always stood tall in the saddle.

Nobody Has Said It Better Than This

“Bass walked into the valley of death for 32 years and never flinched. He feared nothing that walked, crawled or breathed on the face of the Earth. If you tried to run, he would catch you, if you tried to hide, he would find you, if you tried to have a gunfight with him, it was tantamount to committing suicide. Bass stood for truth, justice, and the law. As I see it, Bass is the greatest frontier hero in United States history!” 

—Art T. Burton


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