Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Furious at Furioso & Clint Back In The Saddle Again

 May 29, 2024

   I have been following with much interest the meltdown of the entire movie theater eco-system with the recent bombing of "Furioso," the latest installment of the post-apocalyptic Mad Max franchise from Australia.

   On a related note, my son, the successful basketball coach in Thailand, told us we should rewatch "Fury Road" because it's so zany. So his mother and I did just that and I had to respond to my son, like this: "Okay, your mama and I watched half of 'Fury Road' last night and we had kind of a mixed reaction. Of course, we wanted to dig it because you and Amy are rewatching it and we wanted to share the joy and zane. But to be honest, it kind of lost some its charm for me. I thought the action sequences were still over the top cool, but the wives hidden in the truck all looking like Vogue models was a tad goofy (I thought that in the theater the first time as well). We stopped it at the one hour mark and at least I intend to watch the rest today. I'll let your mother weigh in on her own. Of course, Tom Hardy is spectacular, as always. Love him."

   To which my son replied: "Pull your shit together father, get over it and enjoy the action." 

   And, to that I replied, "Sorry, I love movies too much to enjoy them."

   Some truth in that. After this exchange, Kathy admitted to me that when we first started dating she noticed I would take apart every movie we went to see and go on and on about what they got right and wrong, sometimes for hours. Ironically, our first movie date was to see Clint Eastwood's "The Gauntlet" which was mostly filmed all over the Valley and I absolutely despised it.

   That we're still married after 45 years is a testament to her tolerance for Triple B bloviating.

   Anyway, speaking of Clint, my friends in Payson are putting together a film festival, featuring his best Westerns. I told them I would come up with images they might use in their poster campaign. Here's a taste.

Daily Whip Out:
"Clint Back In The Saddle Again"

Daily Whip Out:
The Man With No Name In Silhouette"

   This was inspired by an old duotone by one of my graphics heroes, the German maestro. . .

Artist Ludwig Hohlwein Rocks a Lit Cigar


   So, Dan The Man took my version of this and made it into this:

"Fifty percent of the people want the truth, fifty percent of the time."

—Old West Conundrum

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