Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Ten Days to Show Time, Baby!

 May 14, 2024

   We're ten days out from possibly the biggest show of my career. Yes, this 66 Kids Road Show in Prescott on May 24th, could be bigger than the legendary talent show at MCUHS in 1964 (we ended up at the State Fair Teen Pavilion in Phoenix!). Bigger than Rusty Petry's birthday party in 1965 (don't ask!), and, perhaps, a smidge bigger than that Saint Paddy's Day Parade float on Central Avenue in 1986 (78,000 people spread out over 23 city blocks).

New Year's Eve, Girl's Gym, MCUHS, 1964

(that's Ernie Dollarhide doing the Pony,

in the tan pants, mid-right)

   Meanwhile, here's a long story, a tad shorter: I recently did a Daily Whip Out based on a photo I took 22 years ago of a Native American friend, Flint Carney. I found it, about a month ago, while cleaning the garage and thought it had potential, so I scanned it and printed it out on my nifty Canon printer and then I painted over it and made a new background and gave the hat a taller crown. I posted it online and sent it to a guy I know who is currently out on tour and yesterday I got this back from him. 

   Okay, that works.

   Speaking of things that mystify, I just got a request: Are my art pieces available as NFT? Apparently that stands for Non-Fungible Tokens: "A non-fungible token is a digital identifier recorded in the blockchain. It cannot be copied, substituted, or changed. Non-fungible tokens validate the authenticity and ownership of a digital asset. Essentially, a non-fungible token is proof of ownership. This type of certificate is digital and cannot be altered due to the nature of blockchains."

   This is the craziest thing I have heard of in a long, long time. It's not real, but you own it on blockchain.

"In my day, you could walk into a store with $25 and walk out with six porterhouse steaks, two chickens, a case of beer, five bottles of wine, two loaves of bread and a gallon of milk. Can't do that today. Too many flippin' cameras."

—Tony Ventura

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