Thursday, May 09, 2024

Street Tacos vs. Siesta Tiempo vs. Sombreros Central

 May 9, 2024

   A routine has taken hold of us at Playa Dorada and it goes like this. A walk on the deserted beach in the morning.

Low Tide Running Room

   At low tide, it's probably 100 yards to the water and this gives a certain dog a little running room. Bringing along a green tennis ball probably doesn't hurt anything.

Green Tennis Ball Keep Away Anyone?

   In the early afternoon, when the tide comes up, we drive in to Rocky Point for some street tacos.

Street Tacos A La Carte

   Of course I always look in the store windows hoping to find a shop full of sombreros like these.

Sugarloaf Central

   But, alas, in forty years of searching I haven't found that place yet, but hope springs eternal.

High Tide

   Then it's back out to the VRBO where we celebrate the tide going out with this little ritual.

El Tiempo por Siesta Es Todo El Tiempo
(It's Nap Time All The Time!)

   All this vegging does me a world of good. This afternoon, I thought of two new story ideas between naps.

"If you want a new idea, read an old book."

—Ivan Pavlov

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