Friday, May 24, 2024

In The Nick of Time A Mysterous Pallet Arrived In My Driveway

 May 24, 2024

   Look what arrived at the end of my driveway yesterday afternoon. 

That, my friend is the shipment of "66 Kids" books direct from the printing plant in Mankato, Minnesota (actually just north of there). It took Kathy and I several trips to schlepp them into the garage, but the good news is, we have books for tonight's show at the Elks Theatre in Prescott. 


The Razz Band Hits Prescott
They started in at Kentucky Bar
At the head of Whiskey Row
They wound up at the Depot House
Some 40 drinks below
They sets it up and turns around
And went the other way
I’ll tell you the forsaken truth
They celebrated hard that day

They next went to the theatre
To get ready for their show
Who should they meet but the devil himself
Sitting in the very first row

The devil he roared you True West boys
Had better hunt your holes
For I’ve just come from hell’s rim rock
To gather in your souls
Devil be damned said the TW boys
Though we might be a little tight
No devil can take a TW boy
Without some sort of a fight

From a box they took
A brand new book
And at Diablo they threw
Hit him squarely upside the head
He picked up the open text     And a page he quickly read
He screamed and ran for he could at once see
That the boys that he was dealing with
Were known to Ice Jugs Free.

—Greg Scott

"Jugs Iced Free saved my family from insanity."

—A True Family Tale, and a song lyric from "Jugs Iced Free" by Rob Mathiash and BBB

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