Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006
And you thought I was joking (see yesterday's comments):

"I've seen Tombstone about 250 times including twice on the big screen when it first came out. I've been an Old West fanatic since the 60's when I watched Roy Rogers on Saturday mornings but I'm stunned how many people became 'Maniacs' after seeing this movie. As it's been said before it really raised the bar for authenticity. Every time I watch it I feel like I'm in a time machine and get to watch the actual events as they unfold (even though I know the film is not 100% accurate). It just looks like Tombstone should have looked in the 1880s. I, and a lot of other people I'm sure, would be overwhelmed to see a DVD of deleted/unreleased footage. Which would make another DVD I'd watch hundreds of times!

—Mark Kilburn, TW Maniac235, SASS 11889

"You're a daisy if you do!"
—Doc Holliday to Frank McLaury behind the O.K. Corral

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