Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 29, 2006
I'm sitting in the lobby of the Weston Resort. It's $16 if you sign on in your room, but free if you sign on in the lobby. Go figure.

Great night last night. Kathy, Tomas, Deena and Frank went to Malee's Thai Restaurant on Main in Scottsdale last night for our anniversary dinner ($101 plus $20 tip, my account). Then walked over to The Comedy Spot on Third Ave and caught the Stagebenders, "two bald, chubby guys" who perform their "riotously funny and completely unscripted comedy act." Fifteen bucks each to get in, plus a two drink minimum. Kathy and I had the seltzer water. Ha. And the comedians ribbed a guy in the front row for being "old" but he was only 45. I looked around and realized I was easily the oldest guy in the place. And with my cowboy hat I had the distinct impression that the comedians and the bouncers were looking at me with that "be careful, don't say anything to upset the old man.

Got home at ten, slept in, drank coffee and solved life in the morning. Kids came in and we laughed and laughed. Kathy sprang for breakfast and she wanted to go downtown to Matador so Deena drove and we had a big huevos rancheros feast. Got back at 11 and took a nap. Kids went down to play volley ball and swim. Too radical for me. Sketched Remington scenes all day, got about 15 done. Felt good. Came down here at 4:30 to post. Kids ordered out for pizza. There's a rumor they want to attend the pool movie at eight (you float on inner tubes in the pool and watch a movie). Might attend if I can wear long johns. Ha.

"May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am drooling towards my shoes."

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