Monday, July 31, 2006

July 31, 2006
Cloudy and overcast. And muggy. Lots of meetings and planning for 2007 issues. Samantha has doubled sales on web from this time last year. She's moved 80 coffee mugs and 50 mousepads so far. Really encouraging and exciting. And she assures me she has just begun.

Supper vs. Dinner vs. Road Traditions
"Here in Michigan, lunch is the noon meal and supper is the evening meal. That leaves the ubiquitous 'Dinner'. Some people here call lunch dinner and some call supper dinner and some use the term dinner to refer to a mid-afternoon meal like, 'come at 3:00 for Sunday dinner.' I've even heard it used in re: a late night meal. Hope that this clears everything up. In regards to Happy Valley road and your post of two days ago mentioning the same: What's up with whom ever is in charge of road names out there? I was out in that area a little over a year ago visiting my stepson who lives just off Happy Valley road and when I found out that it's name had been changed to Happy Valley road from Stage Coach Road Number One I was incensed. Don't these people have anything better to do than screw with tradition?"
Â?Bob Wheeler, Mayfield, Michigan

The short answer is no. People out here do not have anything better to do than screw with road names. And we've got some dilly's: Ho Hum Lane (I'm not making this up), and it gets dicey when the fanciful meets the avenues.

Lots of artwork to do. Started a big scratchboard of the Four Peaks basin. Not sure it's working, need to go home and take another look. Why?

"Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing you are looking at."
Â?Paul Valery

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