Friday, July 21, 2006

July 21, 2006
Left Bisbee this morning at ten. Stopped in Tucson at El Minuto for lunch. The top secret writer had a hamburger. I had the green chile burro, enchilada style, plus half a Topopo salad ($26, plus $5 tip biz account).

Now that we are gone I can tell you we stayed at the Canyon Rose Suites in suite #8, and I must say it was a total delight. And if you ever need to get away, hang out, or produce a major screenplay, this is the place to do it. Check it out at:

Or, call them toll free at (866) 296-7673. Tell Wendy I sent you.

Got into Phoenix at two. 115 out, wall to wall traffice all the way in on the 101. Dropped off top secret writer at the Inn Suites on Chaparral and Scottsdale Road.

Pulled into the True West offices at three (240 miles from Bisbee). Caught up on latest issue spreads. Proofed a dozen stories including Henry Beck's big Tombstone piece. Okayed cover: Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell, sorted my mail and filed the new photos I brought home.

Big thunderstorm hit about 4:15, had to run out and put all my bags in the front seat of the Ranger. Still raining (4:40). Power went out at 4:42, I heard several versions of "Shit!" in other offices. Amazingly, my laptop stayed on, even though it's plugged in to wall socket and server. I better post this before it goes out again.

"Post it Man! Post It!"
—Little Voice In Back of Head

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