Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006
A high desert rainstorm has just started here at the top secret location. We're on the second floor looking down at a narrow alley. Really a sweet break from the heat.

This morning I drove over to the Texas John Slaughter Ranch, east of Douglas, to introduce Marshall Trimble who was doing a speech on Slaughter for the WOLA (Western Outlaws & Lawmen) confab being held in Sierra Vista. The Slaughter ranch visit was a field trip. Tonight they've got a panel I'm going to sit in on.

Five things the top secret writer said yesterday:

• "I'm chafing Mr. Bell. And I don't like chafing." (said while on a four mile hike down to Warren)

• "I'm beginning to understand why your dogs eat your hats."

• "My wife warned me not to be calling from a Mexican jail. She's afraid I'll fall under the dark influence of BBB."

• "Don't get all historian on me."

• "Your taste in French foo foo coffee, fruit and cabernet wine is not cutting it. Take me to a Circle K so I can get pork rinds, beer and some hostess snowballs for breakfast."

"Self importance is our greatest enemy."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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