Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 19, 2006
Back to the secret location from Sierra Vista and a big WOLA speech at 4:30 this afternoon. Here's a response:

"I highly enjoyed your comments at the Windemere Hotel, this afternoon. Always informative, always was definitely worth the 1 mile walk from my house to hear you! Now, whether it was worth the 1 mile walk the rain...well...the jury is still out on that one! Just kidding...the walk back was no problemo. Hope you have a safe trip back home, amigo!"
—Chris, Maniac #946

Yes, the top secret writer and I drove back in the rain through Hereford, Tintown, Warren to the top secret location.

Regarding the secret comments from the secret writer yesterday:

"I thought Mickey Spillane died yesterday."
—Fred Nolan

After a lunch today at the Copper Queen I went to the Bisbee historical society and asked them about the Waters Hotel on OK Street. The researcher at first denied that any such hotel with that name existed. "I've never heard of that and I've worked here for a long time." How long ago? Well, try 60 years ago. He looked up the phone directory for 1942 and viola, there it was, the Waters hotel where Dick and Martha Waters met a long time agol. He was shcoked saying he had never heard of this hotel. After a check of 1955 and 1962 it was also styled as the Waters Hotel. I took a picture of it today to send to Charlie Waters, the offspring of the location.

After the speech in Sierra Vista, the secret writer and I had a few cocktails with Doc Holliday scribe, Gary Roberts, Marshall Trimble, Bob McCubbin and his new girlfriend Nadine, who is a total knockout from Maryland.

"It's a new day."
—Al Sieber

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