Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4, 2006 Bonus Blog
Trish Brink informs me we posted a nifty new image Daniel Harshberger made for our new sub offer yesterday. Since this is a special subscription rate I want to give it a nice big plug in the blog. It's two years for the price of one. Makes a great gift by the way. Click right here to see it.

More Sci-Fi Meets Western Nominations
• Wyatt Came From Outerspace

• Roman Doc Holliday

• Two Men And A Baby Faced Nelson (oops, wrong period!)
—Larry Allen, Columbia, Missouri

Some have indicated that I must have made up the story regarding my “family friendly” speech fees (see July 2). Well, for all you doubters, here’s the actual Email exchange:

“I am currently researching possible entertainment for a corporate event.  My client has specifically asked if you are available for his group.  Do you speak for corporate groups?  My client is looking for a 40-60 minute performance that is family friendly for a program in Phoenix in June of 2007 with approximately 400 guests.  If you are available to corporate groups how much would you charge?”
—R.C., Destination Management

“Yes, as of right now I have that time open but it usually fills up fast. I charge $1,000 for my family friendly programs ($1,500 if it's not family friendly). Thanks.

Frankly, it's too weird not to be true!

”Before someone will accept your criticism, you need to acknowledge their strengths.”
—David Rabner

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