Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 15, 2006
My mother’s birthday today. She’s 85.

Where Were These Character Witnesses When I Needed Them?
“Read your blog. You are absolutely right: that can’t be Bob Boze Bell in the radar pic because that guy looks like one of the biggest, goofiest queers I've ever seen. Not the BBB I know and not the guy that would have rode with the kid.”
—Steve Randolph, Cody, Wyoming

“Great Photo Bob!!! Looking ahead intently! Both hands on the wheel! Very serious and the trademark hat!! I think you should have gotten a discount!”
—Tom Wiederhold, Forth Worth, Texas cop

Actually, I am kind of proud of the fact that my hands are in the ten and two position. The problem is I could have been just as proud at half the fine. Ha.

Henry Beck Feeds Me More Movie Scuttlebutt
“Been talking to some people about something completely unrelated, found out that they're casting a movie called High Midnight, an 1890's vampire picture that's going to be shot in New Mexico. Thought you might get a kick out of it.

“Sent a note to Kurt Russell's people letting them know he was going on the cover of True West next issue and not so subtly suggesting he come to Tombstone for the 125th--not much chance of that, I'm guessing, but I figured it was worth a shot. Also ran across an item that Val Kilmer has his NM property on the market.”
—Henry Beck, the guy who wrote our cover story for the October issue with the Tombstone bombshell, arriving at subscriber’s mailboxes this week

If You Like Illustration As Much As Me, You’ll Dig This Site!
“You might want to check out the blog of Irene Gallo, art director for Tor/Forge Books. She's also a member of the Society of Illustrators, and has much nice musing on the place of cover art, the business of selling a book by its cover, and the relationship of artists and art directors. Oh, and pretty pictures of art, too.

The blog is here: http://igallo.blogspot.com/

—Emma Bull, Tucson, Arizona

The Top Secret Project
I went to the blog Emma Bull recommended (above) and had two reactions: first, others are onto my game and are, in fact ahead of me, and I had better get my game on and get my big, fat ass in gear or I’ll get run over. And the other one, I seem to have forgotten.

“If I am sane, the rest of the world ought not to be at large.”
—Bernard Shaw

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