Monday, August 28, 2006

August 28, 2006
Back in the office, churning and burning to catch up to the boat that's about to leave the harbor. Uploaded all 126 images from my Kodak Easyshare DX 4330 camera onto my laptop. Some of them are short video snippets (it's an amazing little booger). Lots of magic hour shots which I took right out the window of the Top Secret Writer's car on the way back to Hon-dah from San Carlos. If I can get one of these boogers into Photoshop I'll post it right here.

Meade, Indeed!
Remember our friends at the Lakeside Hotel in Meade, Kansas? (see June 2-3 posts). Well, they are about to throw in the towel. Their son, Anthony, came back from California with a flag which some narrowheads have interpreted as being a Gay Pride flag. The parents flew the flag from the hotel anyway. Then it hit the press and you know that Wackjob guy in Kansas who goes to military funerals and uses a bullhorn to tell the parents he's glad their son is dead? And, in terms of tolerance, he puts to shame anything on in the Middle East. Well, he's going to start harrassing our Meade friends. Meanwhile, the son is staying in California (with JR’s parents) after being harassed the last day of school, when the city attorney’s son stuck asbestos down his shirt. The flag situation certainly made it worse and JR and Robin afraid for him if he were to return to Meade. JR and Robin have had enough and have put the hotel up for sale, with the intention of returning to California.

In 1989 I thought I knew Billy the Kid, until my mother sent me "The Saga of Billy the Kid" by Walter Noble Burns. Last Thursday I thought I knew Frederick Sackrider Remington until the Top Secret Writer brought his Remington book collection to the Hon-dah Casino Resort just outside Pinetop. I didn't realize how short his career was (some 20 years). He died very young, at 48. He also had a nasty side (think Mel Gibson) which I was not aware of either. But more than all of that, I never had any idea of how much art and writing he actually produced. As The Top Secret Writer commented, "He practically has storyboarded our entire project." Too true for school Secret Man. And speaking of which, if I can get the above photo into Photoshop, I'll post a photo of the Top Secret Writer for you to see in the next couple of days.

"Experience is a good teacher but she sends in terrific bills."
—Minna Antrim

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