Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 29, 2006
Working diligently on sketches trying to build on last weekend's trip to Apacheland. Here's a sketch I did last night incorporating the view from a mesa up above the San Carlos Agency.

The rider seems to have two bags tied on the back of his saddle. Gee, I wonder what's in them? Yes, that's Mount Turnbull in the background. Next up, we have an actual photo of me sketching this scene on location (taken by the Top Secret Writer). Here it is:

And speaking of the Top Secret Writer several of you have guessed who he is. Gus Walker, the Mapinator, told me it was the "beer and the chicharrones" that gave him away. Steve Lodge said it was the distance from Hon-dah that clued him in to the real guy. For the rest of you here are several more clues that should give him away:

• The Top Secret Writer has won four Spur Awards.

• The Top Secret Writer has won the hearts of four women (and lost three of them).

• The Top Secret Writer has written probably the most eloquent paragraph on Billy the Kid ever, which is: "Billy the Kid keeps riding across the dreamscape of our minds—silhouetted against a starlit Western sky, handsome, laughing, deadly. Shrewd as the coyote. Free as the hawk. The outlaw of our dreams—forever free, forever young, forever riding." (hint: this quote and the author's name are on page 191 of my Billy book).

• The Top Secret Writer plays a doctor in the movie Naked Gun 33 1/3 and delivers O.J.'s baby.

• The Top Secret Writer is actually a doctor of history.

I'll post a photograph of the Top Secret Writer tomorrow.

"Great things are done when men and mountains meet."
—William Blake

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