Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 22, 2006
The big thunderheads yesterday finally rolled in about four. They got big rain in Phoenix (a reported 2 inches), but all we got was a gentle female rain (as the Navajos call it). Sprinkled in the pool. Sat with the dogs and marvelled at the concentric circles as they spread out and disappeared in a tapestry of expanding bullseyes.

Worked on a stronger graphic line yesterday afternoon. Brought into the office a book by Ludwig Hohlwein and copied some of his bold Germanic strokes. Seemed wrong when I was doing them, but looking at them this morning made me realize I need to be much bolder and fearless, especially in my pen and inks.

Interesting feedback from questions and observations over the past several days. Here’s my three faves:

“You may have received some back-story on this from others already, but in reference to your August 18 blog, the fellow with the picture of Luke Short's wife was Wayne Short, who was a near relation of Luke's and published a brief, somewhat novelized bio of L.S.: Luke Short (Tombstone, AZ: Devil's Thumb Press, 1996). Contained some good family genealogy and a few new pictures (including a new view of Luke Short that wound up I believe in Bob McC.'s collection), but was otherwise nothing new or particularly interesting about the man's history."
—Timothy Fattig

“Hey Bob, Just wanted to write you to say thanks for showing off the portraits of ‘Me’ My wife got a kick out of it, and maybe I should make you an offer so I can hang them in the bunkhouse for all the hands to see. Love the magazine, have been reading it for years.”
—Tap Duncan

“Sometimes I worry about you—even Paul Andy hated Kingdom of Heaven. We saw it in the theater and the battle scenes were great, but otherwise a plotless mishmash and so PC it made me want to puke. Looking forward to our next rendezvous.”
—The Top Secret Writer

“The artist spends the first part of his life with the dead, the second with the living, and the third with himself.”

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