Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 9, 2006
I spent most of the day in the Beast, Went in twice, first time in the morning for a hearing. Then late in the afternoon, I met the family (and Lars and Frank) at Claim Jumper on Shea for dinner ($156.46, I bought).

More Bad Words They Used In The Old West That We Don’t Think of Them Using
More empirical evidence of naughty words in the Wild West, again from “The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature Vol I”. Here’s an excerpt from the erotic classic Josefine Mutzenbacher, c. 1906, written by Felix Salten (the guy who also wrote Bambi!):

“[My husband] does not dream that I get myself a little booty on the side now and then. A piece of real tail!”

Simply amazing. “Booty”? “Tail”? Sounds more like Miami Vice than McCabe & Mrs. Miller, doesn't it?

The Top Secret Project
I received my first movie from Netflix today at lunchtime. Popped the DVD of “The Man Who Would Be King” into my laptop and sketched a wide variety of pith helmets, and of course, it turns out there are as many styles of pith helmets as there are cowboy hats. Narrow brims (quite military) and wide brims (glorified cowboy hard hats) and all points in between. Excellent movie by the way about two rogue English soldiers (Sean Connery and Michael Caine) stationed in India who try to take over a country high in the mountains of Kafiristan. The story is by Rudyard Kipling and directed by John Huston. I intend to watch it in full tomorrow night.

"Sex is one of the most wholesome, beautiful and natural experiences money can buy."
—Steve Martin

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