Thursday, August 31, 2006

August 31, 2006
Cooler in the mornings and we still have cloud buildups in the afternoon but it's not quite as dramatic as last week.

Finished Classic Gunfights and my editorial yesterday. "Buff" McElroy scanned and laid out Honkytonk Sue and Robert Ray tweaked the Luke Short gunfight.

Here's a closer view of The Top Secret Writer, again in front of Crook's cabin at Fort Apache. His given name is Paul Andrew Hutton and he is a professor of history at the University of New Mexico.

Stayed late after work last night and sketched off of Kingdom of Heaven DVD, right off my computer, utilzing stop action. I like Orlando Bloom's look in the film and am attempting to adapt it to a character in the Top Secret Project (sorry, still not revealing it until we get closer). This morning, I printed out a slew of images from the trip. My Epson printer is acting up and printing lines on the images but it's for art reference so I can live with it.

Going by JD's after work to see about building a new chickenhouse. He's got a state of the art job.

Leaving tomorrow for Wichita. They are fighting a lonely battle there to save Old Cowtown (a reporter for the Wichita paper called again yesterday to interview me) and Rob B. and I are going to do our best to help them. My good friends Steve and Preston Randolph from Cody, Wyoming are driving down to help us video some PSAs for the effort.

"No one ever approaches perfection except by stealth, and unknown to themselves."
—William Hazlitt

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