Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 22, 2006 Bonus Blog
Another big summer storm rolled in at about five this afternoon. I was on my way home, saw the big sweeper, dropping its blue curtain over Lone Mountain on the eastern horizon. Pulled the truck over and tried to catch the effects in my sketchbook. Very dramatic, but my feeble attempts were not up to the task. I came home and, ignoring the dogs, mixed up some gouache and tried to capture what I saw on better paper. The curtain of rain was so distinct. It had an edge, and the clouds funneling into it were long and mean. Paper is too small and I’m afraid so are my talents, to capture such a magnificent sight. On some level, I just feel privileged to have seen it.

“Many excellent cooks are ruined by going into the arts.”
—Paul Gauguin

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