Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 30, 2006
Katherine, a photographer from The Arizona Republic, came at 9:30 and took a photo of Bob and Trish Brink and myself for a business piece that will run on Labor Day (fitting, no?).

Peter Brown, the actor who starred in Lawman and Laredo, not to mention Days of Our Lives, The Young And Restless (he had a 15 year career in Soaps), came by the offices at ten and met with Bob Brink and I about a TV show he'd like to develope with us. Very good ideas and he has solid connections.

One more clue on The Top Secret Writer:

• The Top Secret Writer is still mad at Mexico for something that happened in 1836. In fact when we were in Bisbee, I suggested we go to Naco for dinner, but he wouldn't even consider it.

Here's his photo, taken at Fort Apache last Saturday. That's General Crook's headquarters behind him and he was thrilled to see it and have his picture taken in front of it. If you still can't place him, he's on the History Channel, Discovery and the Learning Channel all the time as a talking head. Name tomorrow.

Failing to Succeed
Finished a postcard image for our Top Ten Towns issue this morning. It was my sixth attempt. It's still not quite right, but we are on deadline and Trish is on me to finish it. I really need to fail more, or put another way, I need to attempt more and keep going. I read somewhere that Maynard Dixon would do some 85 pen and inks of Indians until he got it the way he wanted (and mostly he was taking things out, not adding detail). The same with Monet. A book I have describes him painting the same scene dozens of time until he got it. In that light, six times doesn't seem so bad (in fact it sounds like a Piker) . So I need to fail more to succeed.

"We can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown."
—Claude Bernard

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