Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 17, 2006
When Kathy and I were returning from Prescott on Saturday we got rain in almost the same spot that it rained the day before, when I drove up for the TV interview. Really came down hard from about Dewey clear down to Cordes Junction. Ed Mell told me he has had trouble getting the roof of his cabin patched because it has been raining every day up by Thumb Butte. Here’s another report:

“I just got in from Prescott a few minutes ago. I spoke to the State Parks folks at Buckey's Casino. They were a great group. We're all in the same business of educating people about the state. They've been having good rains up that way but it's still pretty spotty. All in all, we're having a good monsoon. I haven't had a chance to take any vacation time, usually I find a day here and a day there. Class starts next Tuesday night for my 34th year. I can't believe I was in my 30s when I started and now look at me.”
—Marshall Trimble

I also talked to Grant Sergot down in Bisbee and he says they have really been getting the gully washers. And Bisbee has the gullys to wash it.

In Cave Creek we have been getting plenty of dark clouds but no wet stuff to speak of.

My Movie Pards Tell Me. . .
“The remake of 3:10 To Yuma is supposed to begin filming October 23 in Santa Fe. FYI, Crowe movie sets are traditionally closed to media.”
—Friend of a Friend

A Left-Handed Complement If I Ever Saw One
“I watch the western channels everyday, and of course I see you telling us about the past. I just was thinking about the Army, about the hard times they have to go through, the way they lived, and the one think that is important to me is there rank. How they got it and how long it took to get to the top. Their pay, and the life span of a soilders. Please sir I hope you can do this, You see I think this would be a litter bit more interesting then about a break-man. Thank You Sir
—Peter L Delfino

I did a True West Moment about train Brakemen and I think that is his way of saying, anything would be more entertaining that that. Ha. Actually Peter's spelling is quite entertaining all by itself.

News From The Front Lines
“My husband and I recently returned home with our children after an extensive trip out West this summer. As part of our visit, we were able to experience Cheyenne Frontier Days. It was a marvelous time, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. As we were browsing some of the shops there, I was pleased to see complimentary copies of True West. They were going like hot cakes too! It was all this True West Maniac could do to wait until I got back home for my copy which was waiting in the mailbox! I am sure that other folks will find as much enjoyment as we do in their copies of True West. Thank you for such a wonderful publication.”
—Amy Jo

Reflections Of A Fevered Mind
I met with a guy today who is even more ADD than me. His ideas were all over the place. The kicker is he showed me his business card and it was tiny. He asked me if I could read the type under his name and I said I couldn’t (it was four point type and even with my glasses on it was unreadable). His response: “If you can’t read that you’re too old to get what I’m doing.”

He was certainly right about that.

Witch Hunts Ad Infinitum
The news today that there may actually be a possible outside killer in the JonBenet murder gave me the heebie jeebies, and then some. We laugh at the insanity of the Salem Witch Hunts and yet, the same insanity still goes on today, and this case is a perfect example. I thought for sure, the son was guilty, and, or the Dad, and the Mom covered it up. What a bunch of insane cattle we are. Shame on all of us who got caught up in the burning at the stake of this poor family. I don’t think I’ll watch Fox News again (with a straight face).

“If nobody ever said anything unless he knew what he was talking about, what a ghastly hush would descend upon the earth!”
—A.P. Herbert

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