Wednesday, March 21, 2007

March, 21, 2007 Bonus Blog
Working hard to catch up. Robert Ray and I are attacking the first ten pages of CGIII. Many excellent photos from Bob McCubbin. Very sweet.

Fellow artist and friend Roberta Hancock is representing the Arts & Business Council of Greater Phoenix and has asked me to provide artwork for "Masterpiece Doodle" that will be framed and auctioned next week at a fundraiser called "Martinis and Masterpieces. The event will be held at the Gold Spot Gallery at 1001 North Third Avenue deep within the Beast at 5:30 March 28th (next Wednesday).

I warmed up on a page of doodles last night utilizing black and red felt tip pens. Here they are:

Came into the office early and whipped out a dozen doodles, some on paper provided by A&B, including one on a drink napkin. That was fun.

Carole Glenn treated me to lunch at Pei Wei and we caught up on families, friends and movies

Like most of you who have made out with a cop in the trunk of a car, I've found myself more often than not on the right side of the law. Until yesterday. A certain highway patrolman from Kingman, (and who is a twin) sent me a scathing indictment regarding my relationship with my mother. That email tomorrow.

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