Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March 7, 2007
Robert Ray just came in with the layout for my mother's service. It's not going to be a program since there really isn't going to be a service. I guess you'd call it a momento. I intend to run this great triptic photo (below) of my mother, which was taken in the mid-forties I believe.

When my mother and Lou came for her last visit last fall, I had her hold the above photos and took several pics of her by herself, but she had her eyes closed in each and every one (and I know she would hate it if I published one of those). Here she is, in the same setting, but with her neice, and my cousin, Tap Lou Weir. That's Bill Weir on the right.

Here's a nice shot of Bobbie with our daughter Deena, and Lou. This was taken outside the Good Egg in Scottsdale. One of the reasons the funeral is being pushed back from next Monday to Thursday is so Deena can make it back from a business trip and be at her grandmother's funeral.

Lots of business meetings all day. Mark Boardman and I went up to Cowboy Legacy Gallery and I took a photo of the Apache saddle bags from the 1880s. I'll run that photo tomorrow.

Onion Headline de Jour
Halliburton Given Contract To Rebuild Cheny

"Making commitments generates hope. Keeping commitments generates trust."
—Blaine Lee

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