Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March 28, 2007
As you may have noticed, the two arms of my family are in many ways polar opposites. My mother's family is all cowboys from Arizona and New Mexico and my father's family is all Norsky farmers from Iowa and Minnesota. Sometimes I have to shift gears when I go from one to the other. My grandmother on my father's side, Minnie Bell, was a Hauan, and one of her neices got married at the Linden Church outside Thompson, Iowa and I was tapped to be the ring bearer. During rehearsal we got half way down the aisle and I put down the pillow with the ring on it, ran up the aisle and yelled out, "I gotta go pee pee!" This made everyone nervous during the actual ceremony the next day, but they tell me I was quite civil the entire time. Actually, I should have been, since I was eighteen at the time.

Just kidding. I think I was three, so that would make it 1949, or so.

Anyway, that couple, Lowell and Gladys Heldstedt, came by to visit me recently and they parked their RV in the True West parking lot for the night and I came into work and we had a very nice visit. Here is a photo of them:

And I received a nice note from them this morning:

"Thanks for the obituary and all the information of your mother. We received it a couple days ago just after we got home from our winter travels. Sorry we couldn't stay for her Graveside service.

"We had quite a trip--Lowell's Aunt died in Minot, ND and we had hoped to go there, but we had problems with our motorhome--it kept chugging and we thought it would die out, so we stopped at a shop and they worked on it all day'; then we went on further and it kept on chugging all the way home. We got home March 27 and can have it repaired near here.

"And THANK YOU for the visit with you at your shop--it is a very nice parking place for a motorhome, too!!! It was fun to see you and the area around where you work. Have a good SPRING--and Happy Easter coming up soon!!!"

—Lowell & Gladys

Onion Headline de Jour
County Fair Judges Blown Away By Heifer

"What is virtue but the Trade Unionism of the married?"
—George Bernard Shaw

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