Friday, March 23, 2007

March 23, 2007
More rain. Soggy and sprinkling out (2:27 p.m.) Working on finishing up Classic Gunfights, Volume III. Robert Ray and I designed several pages this afternoon. I'm going to work this weekend on finishing artwork. Goes to the printer in three weeks.

My cousin, Dr. Michael Richards of Des Moines, Iowa came by for lunch today. We went down to El Encanto and sat inside. In spite of the rain they were packed. We both had a beer and the daily special, a salmon salad (I bought, $24.92 plus $5 tip, Sue account). Mike lost his mother (my father's oldest sister) several months ago so we had much to talk about in that regard. He no longer practices medicine, but in addition to several endeavers he is currently in the casino business—in Iowa! No Indian tribes, just corn-fed local control. Hard to believe that Iowa is more like Nevada, that is, if you take out the lurid sex and excitement.

We've got a new poll up: Are you a cowboy mounted shooter?

Two of Paul Hutton's lovely daugthers, Laura and Lorena, came by the offices for a visit this afternoon. We sat in my office and talked about life, history and movies (Laura saw 300 and enjoyed it, while Lorena is not going to go see something so base and violent. So I was left with no other choice but to question her genetic lineage to the Distinguished Professor. Lab tests are pending).

A big clap of thunder just rolled over Saguaro Hill, behind my office (2:40 p.m.). Rather gray and dismal out.

Onion Headline de Jour
Citing Slow Summer Box Office, Hollywood Calls It Quits

"We want to make money but we don't want to be perceived as commercial."
—an academic, who consulted with friends of mine about publishing an arts magazine

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