Friday, March 30, 2007

March 30, 2007 Bonus Billy Blog
More news on Buckeye Blake's Billy In Death sculpture. Here's a message from his son, plus two pics:

"As you know dad is going 'Billy Stir Crazy' as of lately, it is has been pent up for 20 years now, and I dont think he can hold it together much longer, especially with the unveiling of the corpse coming up so soon.

" I walked in dads studio the other day and he had the corpse covered with an old navajo blanket, for two reasons I think, one to kind of respect the dead and the situation, and two... to hide it from mother as I am not sure he has even told her about it. It gives new meaning to hiding a body in the closet. Anyways, he is headed to get some good pictures of it tommorrow and to take it to the foundry, as I am sure you know."
—Teal Black (Buckeye’s son)

From Diva to Billy And Back Again
I asked our movie editor, Henry Beck, what the hell the movie Diva was about, since I didn't like it much. Here's his reply:

"Haven't seen it in a long time, Bob, but I suspect you had to be there in 1981, and be there with a crowd. It was the first or one of the first very very cool new wave movies from Europe and you had the soundtrack, the singer, the cool bad guys, the hot Asian chick and scooters or motorbikes, good chases, fast editing--but what came out of that stylistically was Luc Besson, who is a one man supershow and one of the producers of Three Burials [Tommy Lee Jones' classic West Texas film].

"If you want to see a movie that grew from the seed of Diva, try Leon The Professional with Natalie Portman (don't settle for the shorter version called The Professional)--if you can't find it and you're interested, you can borrow mine.

By the way, here's a trailer of a new film produced by the guy who made Diva. This will give you a kick

These Boots Were Made For Washing
"This was NOT the image I was hoping for when you said you were washing the car. Where’s the halter top? Where’s the thong? Where, oh where are the big boots?"
—Alan Huffines

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