Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10, 2008
My hand is much better today. Feel awful lucky on the dog-related injury. Here's a couple comments:

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Defense
"Action and adventure-hell of a bike ride. I have used the 'hey-hey-hey' (no caps-almost whispered) weapon myself, always after I promise myself to buy some of that pepper spray, never have. I hope you heal up-I suppose even today a writer/artist/drummer stills needs his hands. "
—Larry Murphy

"You had me all excited for a few lines thinking you had neighbours with some real charactor. Then my imaginary balloon is pricked by the knowledge they are only DOGS. What a bummer! Next time stay away from the pooches and save your own hide! You run with the dogs you have to act like a dog. Bite back!!"
—Bill Dunn

"BBB: Don't you know by now not to mess with dangerous, snippy bitches??!! This is not acceptable--I have quite an investment in the continued mobility of your hands. Watch it!!"
—Paul Andrew Hutton

Don't worry. I'm going to finish the Mickey Free project if I have to draw with a pencil stuck in my nose!

On a related note, the Arizona Republic has asked me to post my blog on their site. When I posted yesterday's blog, their automated censor-bot changed "bitches" to (inappropriate term). Funny how words go in and out of fashion. Apparently it's still okay to bash "Men," as this Honkytonk Sue from 1991 shows:

Although we'll see when I post this over there today. Ha.

And, by the way, here's a shot of the Hualapai Mountains south of Kingman covered in snow. I took these two photos several years ago at Coyote Pass (and just found them looking for something else):

Still struggling with a clean way to illustrate Mickey Free. Have some so-so sketches from yesterday, but I still feel confident. Gee, I wonder if Horace has anything to say about that?

"He who has begun has half done. Dare to be wise: begin!"

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