Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
Went home for lunch and fed the chickens. Got another egg yesterday. Not exactly sure who's laying, but the eggs are great. Made myself steak and eggs for lunch.

I'm reading Cowboy Metaphysics: Ethics And Death In Westerns by Peter A. French. Quite interesting. He quotes Sam Peckinpah: "I don't make documentaries. The facts about the siege of Troy, of the duel between Hector and Achilles and all the rest of it, are a hell of a lot less interesting to me than what Homer makes of it." I met Peter at a Carefree Christmas party and his son Sean is doing some freelance web work for us.

This Just In:
"Question: The old Spanish Vaqueros used to wear leggings that went up to right above the knee, and were usually buckled. Do you know the correct name for these, and where would they be available to buy?"
—Alan Bagliore

I recently discovered these unique-style-Vaquero leggings in a Frederic Remington illustration from 1888. I'm not sure where you can still get them but I will find out.

I have quite a few collectors and craftspeople who read this blog and I have a hunch someone will know.

Speaking of Vaqueros, here's a painting of a California outlaw, Juan Soto. It has been at Tri Star Boze for the past nine years. Theresa found it and gave it to me this past weekend when I was down there signing artprints. This illustration appeared in black and white in Bad Men: Outlaws & Gunfighters of the Wild West (1999), on page 19. Looks a ton better in color.

On the old California mug shots, which lawmen carried in their saddlebags, they would write descriptions right on the photo, like the one above (which I didn't make up!).

""When TV first came, people tried to look at it as a radio with pictures. We're at the stage now where the Internet is TV with poor connections."
—Andrew Grove from Wikipedia

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