Friday, January 11, 2008

January 11, 2008
Big planning for our first True West Preservation Society party to be held in March. We're still mulling names for the event to be held at the Buffalo Chip. Here are the finalist names we're considering:

• Western Legacy Ball (Trish's favorite)

• Save Our West Swar-EE (Soiree, Meghan's favorite)

• Save Our West Fandango (Dan's favorite)

• True West Preservation Fandango (I like this one because it says our name and has a bit of bite and flair)

• True West Preservation Celebration

• Dust And Roses Ball

• Heritage Stomp

• Bronco Ball

Got Those Lowdown Doghouse Blues
I didn't even go on a bike ride yesterday because of the Amy-Fang-Fest on Wednesday. This morning I brought a leash and went on foot (bike tire is in shop). All the way up the road past Amy's spread, Peaches is lunging and wheezing. Once beyond I took off the leash and let her run. She immediately takes off and sees one of my new neighbors coming out on his bike to pick up the morning paper. He has two dogs with him and Buddy runs up to play. For some reason Peaches didn't go into total attack (she came close) and, after much screaming, I got her leashed. Sigh. I guess the good old days of living out in the Boonies where the dogs can run free are coming to an end. One thing's for certain, that little B---- (inappropriate term) has ruined my morning ritual.

Yesterday, one of my relatives from Thompson, Iowa dropped in. Bonnie (Bell) Kaiser is my father's cousin. She married an FBI agent (he's retired) and they spend their winters at an RV park in Chandler, I believe. Bonnie told me there are about 15 other Thompsonites living out here (Thompson has maybe 800 residents). They brought along a couple from New Jersey who watch me on the Westerns Channel and subscribe to True West. He seemed quite impressed with the operation (I always give visitors the tour).

Got this from my son, T. Charles, who sent this photo of himself teaching a class in Peru:

Not quite sure how he ended up on this path. Gee, I wonder if Anne Frank has anything to say about this?

"Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands."
—Anne Frank

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