Monday, January 21, 2008

January 19, 2008
Long day in the Beast. Abby Pearson got married at 11 over on the westside to her beau Scott. Most of the True West staff there (we all sat on the "bride side"). Abby looked beautiful and radiant. A good time was had by all.

Kathy and I left the reception at noon, and drove over to Tri Star Publishing's new digs at Olive and the 101. Signed a whole bunch of artprints. Took about an hour. From there we drove over to Grandma Betty's and took her to lunch at Manuel's on Peoria ($55 includes tip).

From the westside we drove over to Desert Ridge and caught the 5:30 showing of Cloverdale ($19 cash). Basically, Godzilla meets Blair Witch Project. Or, put another way, The 9•11 hijackers meet the monstor movie in Manhattan. Lots of handheld camera stuff. Quite clever (7).

I read that chess great Bobby Fisher died and was heartened to find out that he "was intolerant of. . .cartoonists." Ha. It always amuses me when people are threatened by lines on paper ("It's just lines on paper, folks."—R. Crumb)

"Find out what you love. Do it because you love it. Stick with it. Start now."
—Barbara Sher

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