Tuesday, January 08, 2008

January 8, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
Buddy Boze Hatkiller treed a bobcat on the bike ride this morning. I saw him up ahead, near Rockaway Hills, circling a tree and looking up. When I got within 50 yards I saw the big cat high up in a palo verde giving him the evil eye. Can't say I wasn't proud of the wayward New Yorker, but I turned around and called to him to come along home. Fortunately, he obeyed (a first!) and sauntered along with that look on his face that said, "I cornered a cat. . .I cornered a big cat."

Here's another shot of the Exits, circa 1966, at the National Guard Armory in Kingman. Bandmates are, lower row, left to right: Charlie Waters and Wendell Havatone; second row, Wayne Rutchsman and Steve Burford; top, BBB.

By this stage of the game we were making a cool $25 a man and our songlist included such monumental hits as "Steppin' Out," by Paul Revere And The Raiders" and "Snoopy And The Red Baron, by The Royal Guardsmen.

Actually, though, the number one request we got from our standing only crowds was this:

And speaking of the Exits, got this today:

"BBB, you should make it an open event, It would be worth the drive to Kingman."
—Kip Coryea

Kip, you've got your wish. We are going to do two nights at the Old Elks Club in downtown Kingman on Friday, March 21 and then Saturday night, March 22. The Friday night gig will be styled as "Mike Torres And Friends" and we will be jamming for fun and profit (open to the public). Saturday night will be the "Exits Exit" and is for family and friends only (hint: if you read this blog and are actually willing to drive to Kingman, you qualify as a friend of mine).

"Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought."
—William Hazlitt

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