Friday, January 04, 2008

January 4, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
Picked up a big bag of Scratch chicken feed ($11 plus $1 tip), at Black Mountain Feeds on my lunch hour. Went home for lunch today and finished culling the 75 black and white illustrations for Kathy's book project (she and Theresa at Tri Star will choose the finals). Here's two of my nominations:

Road Rage In Front of The Heatwave Cafe, 1986

This illustration was based on a photo I took circa, 1976, in Tucson. We were doing an article "A Guide To The Gritzos" about funky Mexican food in Arizona, and this was for The Razz Revue. I pulled over on South Fourth Avenue and took a photo right out the window of my Ford Pinto, of Mi Nidito, I think it was, and the resulting photo had my Pinto side mirror in it, with a beer truck going the other way. I changed the logo to an A-1 Beer logo for nostalgia's sake and converted Mi Nidito into the Heatwave Cafe, a fictitious place I made up, which is actually based on Froggy Bottom, a legendary cafe-brothel, north of Buckeye. It's no longer there.

The second image is a look at aging Baby Boomers (the button on his leather jacket says, "Class of '65"). I did this for New Times in about 1990:

This image might work well with our upcoming, proposed farewell band gig ("The Exits Exit") which Charlie Waters, Johnny Waters, Mike Torres and I are planning for March 22 at the Old Elks Hall in Kingman. We're inviting all the old pickers and players, Vern Andrews, Arnold D, Steve Burford, Wayne Rutschman, Terry Anderson, Steve Paroni and Gordon Smith for one more set, in honor of bandmate Wendell Havatone (he passed a couple years ago). It's going to be an intimate affair with just our old friends and family. And hey, it's in Kingman, so what could possibly go wrong?

"Do you think anyone actually cares whether you can still play Wipeout?"
—J. Waldon, Kingman Area BBB Anti-Fan Club President

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