Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008
Deadline on the March issue is on us and I've got a ton to do today. Finish Classic Gunfights for this issue (Captain Davis vs. 14 outlaws), a "potato chip" (Low Slung Guns) and To The Point (my editorial). In addition to that I'm ramrodding three house ads we need to shoehorn into the issue. Lots to do. Got to get moving.

"While reading your blog I saw the email from Gary McLellend representing Old West History.net and his comment regarding TW filling the gap left by WOLA and NOLA. I hope TW will support the new Wild West History Association (WWHA). It's first of six annual Journals will be sent out in late February, 2008. I don't think there will be any gap! We do look forward to working with True West and other organizations in the promotion and preservation of the Wild West genre we all love. Thanks for your support!"
—Kevin Mulkins

Yes, I said as much in my response to the question on Gary's website. In addition, I plugged Roy Young and Chuck Parsons on their individual Journal publications and we are giving WWHA a plug in this coming issue.

As promised, here's more facial and landscape efforts from my daily sketches:

One of these sketches (below) represents the number 5,555 (as in, six a day, since 2005):

And yes, that's a poach from Lon Megargee with the blanket wrapped Native American (bottom).

Meanwhile, I tried to crank up a decent scratchboard based on these sketches and got a decent mood piece called "Mick In Storm." (above).

"This is the golden rule of screenwriting: There is no golden rule."
—Ronald Harwood, screenwriter for "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

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