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January 3, 2007
Just got a call from Jim Mesenbrink from Omaha, Nebraska who claims to be related to outlaw John Kinney. Jim claims that the New Mexican gang leader was born in Ireland, how he came to America at age 15. His father was in the Potato War and they hung him on the dock as the family was leaving for America. Jim told me to tell this to Fred Nolan and I assured him I would. Fred?

Feedback On Beasty Voyages
"I'm surprised how often you visit the so-called 'beast'. You either don't gave a 'D' about traffic or the food is awfully good!"
—Bill Dunn

Actually, most of the restaurants mentioned in my Sue chronicle in yesterday's post, are in Cave Creek, or the foothills, which is north of the Beast. But it is true, that the Beast is coming out to meet us. We had a pretty woman in yesterday looking for a job and she commented on how "small town" Cave Creek is. But every day it becomes less and less so as Phoenix and Scottsdale sprawls out to overrun the area.

Need to catch you up on my Mickey Free efforts. Did a sketch, based on a logo I saw in the SASS Chronicle, of the Mickster, flying high on his mule. Did about ten versions of it, here are two:

By the way, according to author David Michaelis, Charles Schulz's ex-wife, Joyce, raises mules. Ha. Too funny. She is also quoted by a New York Times reporter who tracked her down after the publishing of the Schulz And Peanuts book, saying, "I'm not talking to anybody about anything." The reporter makes the case that this sounds like something Lucy would say. Ha. Too true, although, I must admit, I really like and admire her. To some she may come off as a bitch and the heavy ("poor Sparky!!"), but I know a thing or two about the Saints who put up with cartoonist behavior! ha.

Meanwhile, here is what my sketchbook looks like lately:

Contrived Doodles # 5,454
Meandering on style and technique. By the way, that's Spike, the Silkie Rooster, bottom, right:

I really need to knuckle down and get Mickey Free ready for the big screen. I kind of see the Mickey Free movie as a summer event. Gee, I wonder if box-office-champ Will Smith (I Am Legend) has anything to say about this?

“Summer movies are about things that happen, and fall movies are bout how people respond to things that happen.”
—Will Smith

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